Secretariat Bios

Stephen Rimbakusumo


Stephen Rimbakusumo is excited to be returning for his fourth year on NWMUN-Seattle staff, this year as the Secretary-General. He has previously served as Assistant Secretary-General for Conference Services at NWMUN-Seattle 2016 and as Chief of Staff for NWMUN-Seattle 2017 and NWMUN-Portland 2018. Stephen has either attended or staffed over 25 MUN conferences since first getting involved in the Spring of 2014. Stephen has many interests, ranging from security issues such as cyber-crime and cyber-terrorism to the history and politics in former Soviet states. Stephen graduated from the University of Washington in 2016 with a B.A. in history and is currently employed as an engineer at Amazon.

Outside of MUN and work, Stephen enjoys outdoor activities, the occasional computer game, and learning foreign languages.

Rohit Chandel


Rohit Chandel is excited to join the Executive Secretariat as the Director-General of NWMUN-Seattle 2018. He has previously served on NWMUN's staff four times, most recently as the Director-General of NWMUN-Portland 2018. He has also staffed at other conferences with UBC, and served as the VP Academic for UBC's MUN club in 2017-18. He is currently majoring in Mining Engineering at the University of British Columbia. Rohit's interest in MUN stems from his interest in mining and natural resource and their implications on world affairs. He currently works with Suncor Energy in Alberta, Canada at their Base Mine with the Reclamation and Projects group where he is in involved in planning reclamation projects for the mine and other mine support projects such as power lines, coke stockpiles etc. 

Outside of MUN, Rohit is a huge fan of anime, manga, F1 and enjoys travelling and trying out new cuisines. He has an eclectic music taste, which ranges from Swedish power metal to ska to J-pop. He is also a big fan of single-player story-driven games and is, therefore, bad at online games.

Tiffany Dao

Chief of Staff

Tiffany Dao is joining the NWMUN-Seattle Executive Secretariat this year as Chief of Staff. Tiffany holds a B.A. in Law, Societies and Justice, which focuses on the ways in which domestic and international law impact society, from the University of Washington-Seattle and plans to pursue a law degree next year. She has attended over 10 MUN conferences, but this will be her her 5th NWMUN conference and she is excited to be in Secretariat for the first time. Her favorite thing about MUN is its ability to bring people of all backgrounds together, help people develop skills and personally grow as an individual, and increase awareness about important global issues. In her spare time, she loves to sing, listen to music and go on walks. 

Sandra Gans 

Assistant Secretary-General for Logistics 

Sandra is excited for her first year as Executive Secretariat for NWMUN, serving this year as Assistant Secretary-General for Logistics. She has participated in over 15 conferences in Model UN for the past seven years in roles as a delegate, head delegate, and two-time Assistant Director at UBCMUN. Sandra is in her final year, studying to complete her honours of environmental design degree at the University of British Columbia. In her spare time she enjoys painting, drawing, playing hockey, going hiking and skiing. She has work for the past five summers at the Taylor Statten Camps, and this year lead a 36-day leadership trip through Quetico Provincial Park and Superior State Forest. She is also very involved in UBC recreation intramurals, and last year worked as the Live Active Outreach Director, and oversaw the organization of accessible and free fitness events. This year she started working as an architectural intern at FSOARK studio in Vancouver.  Sandra is looking forward to graduating, then traveling around Europe in the summer and hopefully enter grad school in the fall.

Elizabeth Duong

Assistant Secretary-General for Conference Services

Elizabeth Duong is excited to join the NWMUN-Seattle Executive Secretariat as the Assistant Secretary-General for Conference Services. She has previously served on the staff of NWMUN-Seattle twice, as the Networking & Technology Manager in both 2016 and 2017. Elizabeth graduated from the University of Washington in 2017, where she majored in Informatics. She currently works as a Software Engineer at T-Mobile and is passionate about technology.