Position Descriptions (Simulations Leadership)

Director of Special Simulations: The Director of Special Simulations is responsible for organizing any extra-topical simulations such as crisis situations during the conference. Prior to the conference, the Director of Special Simulations will plan simulations and recruit a simulations team to help in the execution of the crisis situation during the conference, including researching regions and/or issues, drafting documents, and delivering news to committees.

News Director: The News Director’s job is to find relevant news information and distribute it to the delegates during the course of the conference. The News Director will be a part of the simulation, presenting crisis committees with information to help them get a broader knowledge of the crisis situation as it happens. The News Director will also be responsible for creating press releases for (and from) the delegates. 

Director of Home Government: The Director of Home Government is responsible for scheduling and coordinating all members of Home Government. Home Government is a location for delegates to check their country’s positions on issues, as well as to consult with experts in the field of international relations or a given topic.